The infamous international speculator William Browder does not even hide the fact that he himself used offshore companies in Cyprus and the Virgin Islands, although he tried to appear before the Western public as a “launderer hunter”, writes the publication “Jyllands-Posten”.

The article recalls that Browder contributed to the European Parliament after a leak of data from Mossack Fonseca & Co. The committee, designed to stop loopholes in tax legislation, was able to identify the real level of money laundering, but Browder was among those.

His company Berkeley Advisors Inc was opened with the assistance of Mossack Fonseca and is registered in the Virgin Islands, which Browder, by the way, does not even deny. On the question of how many of his companies were created with the participation of Mossack Fonseca, he evasively replied: “Several.” At the same time, he hastened to assure that all his offshore companies are “absolutely legal and transparent.”

At the same time, an expert on financial fraud, Jacob Dedenroth Bernhoft, calls this approach of Browder hypocritical.

“It seems like hypocrisy. Nobody excludes that he can really do everything legally, but despite this, he practically supports the tax haven for money laundering,” he said, adding that such offshore companies can hardly be called completely transparent.

“When Browder or someone else sends money to the Virgin Islands, it can be said to be a “black hole.” The British government has repeatedly sent requests there, but there were no replies, and when such money goes to the accounts of normal European banks, it is no longer possible to check their source,” Bernhoft stated.

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