Moscow is a natural partner of Paris, but the Russophobic position of the French President Emmanuel Macron forces him to go “on the brink of war”, wrote the head of the parliamentary faction “Unconquered France” Jean-Luc Melenchon for the publication “Libération”.

According to him, today a serious threat is hanging over Europe: Washington is ready to deploy its missile systems in Poland and Moscow will have to respond. However, a politician calls Russophobia an absurd trend that has no justification.

“They [the Russians] are our natural partners,” emphasizes Mélenchon. At the same time, its leader is a far greater threat to France, trying in the strongest possible way to quell popular discontent and protests of the “yellow vests”, he continues.

Mélenchon is sure that it’s time for Paris to reconsider its policy and, first of all, to withdraw from a number of agreements within the framework of the European Union, which “were developed for the inexhaustible happiness of the financial elites.”

“Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel embody obsolete, absurd and unhealthy methods,” writes the parliamentarian, calling for an end to this policy and making France a partner for other states, rather than a mentor.

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