According to the results of the parliamentary elections held in February, not one of the Moldovan political forces managed to gain a majority to form the government, however, for the Democratic Party of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who lost his former power, the situation is more dangerous, because the snap elections will not have the best effect on his positions.

The Democratic Party was able to get 30 deputy mandates, losing the leadership to the Socialist Party, with its 35 seats in the legislature. 26 mandates were given to the ACUM bloc and 7 to the Shor parties. In addition, the parliament included 3 independent deputies.

The election results have already been approved by the Constitutional Court, and the pro-Western Democratic Party is forced to seek solutions in the creation of a coalition. The first option is to combine with the block “ACUM”. The oppositional merger of the “Dignity and Truth” and “Action and Solidarity” parties is similar to PDM with its pro-Western ideas. The only problem is that the leaders of the bloc, Andrei Nastase and Maia Sandu, are ready to lay down their mandates rather than make a deal with the usurpers.

MP Lilian Karp, in turn, reported that ACUM had already begun to work out a number of legislative initiatives designed to change the situation in the republic: “The draft laws have already been prepared and will soon be provided.”

At the same time, PDM parliamentarian Vladimir Chebotari did not rule out that the “democrats” will have to negotiate with the Socialist Party: “We may have no choice but to negotiate with the PSRM.”

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