For thirteen thousand hours, hundreds of British soldiers combed out the house of the Skripals in Salisbury. The official version says that all this time, work was carried out to clean the room from toxic substances, but this statement does not stand up to criticism of anyone who knows a little about chemical protection, told a veteran of the law enforcement authorities of Russia, Major General Vladimir Vorozhtsov.

According to him, anyone who served in the army can remember how the educational standards for degassing, including from organophosphate agents, were carried out.

“In case of organophosphorus agents, alkaline solutions are recommended. Standards for processing premises are spelled out in all, including very affordable benefits. And then there are as many as thirteen thousand hours,” he says.

Vorozhtsov is sure that the task of the British intelligence services was not in cleaning the premises at all – they were looking for something there, and they continue to search: “That is why they still do not destroy Skripal’s house.”

The fact is that London could seriously fear that the ex-employee of the GRU is a double or even a triple agent, Vorozhtsov continues. So, in Britain they might have wondered if Skripal would like to return to Russia, after passing any information to Moscow? In addition, they could not exclude that Skripal would go over to the side of the USA in order to get asylum overseas.

“Was Scripal a double or triple agent? Was he turned over before being expelled to Britain, or did he decide to return, finding himself in the gray and “stupid” life of a cozy, but rather wretched Salisbury? What materials did he collect to pass on as either payment for returning to Russia, or to certain people from the United States and then moving to that country? Did he try to implement the received materials to several addressees at once: both in Russia and in the USA? What information did his daughter bring from Moscow, like no one better suited to the role of a hostage?”- these were the questions that tormented the minds of representatives of British intelligence services, the expert believes.

At the same time, the main question, in his opinion, is when exactly did the British suspect Skripal in a double or triple game?

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