Hundreds of small cracks were found in the hull of reactor No. 3 at Hunterston B nuclear power plant in North Ayrshire; some of them exceed two millimetres in width.
The French operator company EDF has assured that the formation of small cracks in the reactors of nuclear power plants is normal, but the fact that there were 370 such violations of the integrity of the surface made the reactor subject to special control.

Reactor No. 3 at the plant in North Ayrshire has been closed for inspection since March.

Representatives of the French nuclear power company said that the cracks do not affect the ability of the Hunterston B nuclear power plant in Scotland to function and do not compromise safety.

Based on this, the EDF refuses to change the planned limit of NPP operation set for 2023. The power station provides light to approximately 1.8 million homes in Scotland.

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