The clearance of the San Ferdinando migrant camp, located in the southwestern Italian region of Calabria, has started, with over 600 police officers, firefighters and medical personnel involved, ANSA news agency reported on Wednesday, citing the Italian Interior Ministry.

San Ferdinando mayor ordered immediate clearance on February 28, soon after the third person since the beginning of the year was killed in a fire at the tent camp. The Interior Ministry said in a related notice that every legal migrant from the camp would be relocated to an official reception facility.

A total of 18 coaches are being used to transfer around 900 residents of the camp to reception centres, the ANSA news agency specified.

San Ferdinando camp houses migrant farm workers employed in the neighbouring commune of Gioia Tauro. The number of migrants coming to San Ferdinando rises significantly during the citrus harvest, which usually takes place between November and February.

The camp is known for its poor facilities, with no electricity and running water available.

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