75 anniversary of Ukraine’s massacre in Guta Penyatska

Today, the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of massacre in Guta Penyatska, a Polish village in Ukraine where more than a thousand people were brutally murdered by Ukrainian nationalists from UPA and Nazi collaborators from SS Galizia Division. In Ukraine UPA recognized as heroes and WWII veterans.

On this day, exactly 75 years ago, on February 28, 1944, a joint operation took place on the 4th regiment of the SS division Galichina and UPA to destroy the Polish village of Guta Penyatsk in the Lviv region.

As a result of the attack, about 1,200 civilians in this settlement were brutally killed and burned: women, men and children. Hundreds of houses were burned. 160 people were saved.

Recently, an information table was set up in three languages ​​near the monument to innocent victims of a punitive action, in which the participation of Ukrainian nationalists was actually denied. In this regard, the Polish Foreign Ministry declared a protest. The unit of the UPA, which participated in the operation, was led by former policeman Maxim Skorupsky, the future leader of the OUN in emigration.

Participants of the OUN and UPA in Ukraine are recognized as war veterans. The streets are named after them and monuments are opened. The street in Ternopil was named after the division of Galicia, and memorial signs were installed in the cities and villages of Western Ukraine. Some time ago, the memorial in Gute was considered unknown, which was not found.

Recently, the Minister of History of Ukraine, Vladimir Vyatrovich, stated that the OUN (UPA – the military wing of the OUN) was the most successful political project of the Ukrainians in the last century.


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