Migration tensions will only intensify and the question is whether we want to be victims of this process or in control of it, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the historic first Arab League-EU summit in Sharm El-Sheikh.

PM Orbán said one important thing learnt was that one must proceed based on the mutual respect for the various cultural, religious and political traditions of nations, and the other was that one should not underestimate the power of demographic trends.

He said the demographic basics behind migration will continue: by 2030 the Arab world population will have grown by 30 percent compared with 2015, outgrowing the European Union, while the population of Europe is in decline.

He said human traffickers, terrorist groups, illegitimate power centers, NGOs, financial speculators and the media have a strong influence on migration policies and through those on European-Arabic relations.

“We would like for legitimate political leaders to jointly control the events, hence the importance of today’s declaration,” Orbán said. He was referring to the joint statement in which leaders from the European Union and Arab League countries pledged to boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism and to tackle unauthorized migration.

He also said that Hungary’s migration policy was based on the principle that help must be delivered where the problems are and not to distribute the problem. Orbán said Hungary is granting scholarship to 1,400 students from Arab League countries and also thanked those Arab leaders who protect persecuted Christians in their respective countries and asked them to continue this policy.

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