Washington violates INF Treaty but continues to blame Moscow

The termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles was preceded by almost a hundred violations by the United States, where, without hiding, they have developed, tested and still quite successfully use prohibited weapons, told an expert fromt the Center for Military-Political Studies MGIMO, Vladimir Kozin.

According to him, the only thing that Pentagon bothered to do in order to at least somehow disguise their arrogance was the term “medium-range and shorter-range target missiles”. And now these are used in the global American missile defense system. At the same time, Kozin stressed that since 2001, the United States has violated the INF Treaty 96 times, and this year it will be violated another 12 times.

“This information is not from publications or comments. They were made public by the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Directorate, a structure of the US Department of Defense, where they understand what they write and tell, ” the expert noted, adding that a report published by the US Congressional Research Service in late 2017 was more proof of the violations. On page 31 of the material, tests using forbidden missiles are painted in black and white.

However, Kozin continues, Washington hardly ever admits of violations, even taking into account the fact that in press releases on the results of tests they report on the use of medium-range or shorter-range missiles.