Tommy Robinson, the co-founder of the English Defence League (EDL), has consistently blasted various media outlets for providing what he calls biased and unfair coverage of his activities and taking his words out of context.

British right-wing activist Tommy Robinson has organised a demonstration at the BBC’s Salford headquarters to protest against investigations by the media outlet’s Panorama programme into him. 

There was a slight technical hitch with the screening, and Tommy played footage from his wedding day to thousands of demonstrators gathered in Salford’s Media City. The clip was accompanied by the Take That song “Greatest Day”, in what he said was a tribute to his wife.

In a Facebook video, Tommy explained that the footage was from a group chat with friends of different ethnicities, who were “bantering each other non-stop”. He admitted that he was “embarrassingly drunk”, but accused The Sun of editing clips and taking his words out of context.

Robinson has regularly been making headlines since last May when he was detained on a contempt of court charge for livestreaming outside a courthouse, where a gang rape trial was being held.

The former leader of the right-wing street protest movement English Defence League was already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court for filming a video in Canterbury Crown Court in May 2017 during the trial of four suspected rapists. Such a turn of events caused the judge to activate a three-month sentence for the previous offence and add 10 months for the new one.

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