“Today, the internal political crisis that has developed in Ukraine directly affects the situation in the Donbass. On the eve of the presidential election, the Ukrainian army, on Poroshenko’s orders, intensified the shelling of cities and towns of Donbass located on the boundary line, civilians continue to die, and peaceful houses and kindergartens are being destroyed. The Kiev authorities are trying to distract the people of Ukraine from internal problems, economic collapse and trying to put the blame for all their mistakes on us and the Russian Federation, while actively using the principle of double morality, when all the accusations addressed to us are not only not supported by any facts, but simply contradict common sense.

The National Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine intend to exacerbate the situation in the Donbass and the south-east. Ukrainian intelligence services organize and carry out terrorist attacks on life support facilities of Donbass. The main goal of Poroshenko is to prevent elections, supporters of peace on Ukrainian soil and the implementation of the Minsk agreements, ”the head of the DPR said.

“Donbass consistently supports the continuation of negotiations in Minsk, in every way we support the initiative of Ukrainian opposition politicians to intensify negotiations. We express our readiness for negotiations – the resumption of a direct dialogue with Kiev. We responsibly declare readiness to achieve peace in Ukraine and in the Donbass, ”said Pushilin.

In this regard, Pushilin appealed to the guarantors of the Minsk Agreements – German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron to influence President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and facilitate the establishment of direct and productive negotiations.

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