Rift Between US And Its Allies On Munich Conference

Rift Between US And Its Allies On Munich Conference

The Munich security conference showed a deep divide between Washington and its allies on many issues of international policy.

New York Times’s publication states that “European leaders have long been alarmed that Donald Trump’s words and Twitter messages could undo a trans-Atlantic alliance that had grown stronger over seven decades”, but “they had clung to the hope that those ties would bear up under the strain.”

However, according to diplomats and analysts, during the Munich security conference, “the rift between Europe and the Trump administration became open, angry and concrete.”

“No one any longer believes that Trump cares about the views or interests of the allies. It’s broken,” a senior German official cited by the publication stated.

“The Europeans no longer believe that Washington will change, not when Mr. Trump sees traditional allies as economic rivals and leadership as diktat,” the New York Times wrote. “An increasing number of Europeans say they believe that relations with the United States will never be the same again.”


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