Just over a week left before the parliamentary elections in Moldova. They can be a turning point for the republic, which would be unacceptable for the United States and its proteges.

The victory of the Socialist Party, which is more than realistic against the background of the distrust of the Moldovans towards the European integrators with their failed policies, will put an end to the pro-Western course. Understanding this, Washington and the Democratic Party of Moldova, headed by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, are ready to undergo extreme measures, disrupting the conduct of elections under the pretext of “Russian intervention.”

“Russian trace” will be one of the most likely US plans to ensure the victory of the Democratic Party. This scenario will be launched when it becomes clear that the socialists have won. According to available data, this idea is being actively discussed in the ruling Moldovan coalition.

It is noteworthy that the American ambassador to Chisinau, Derek Hogan, has already launched a campaign, accusing the Russian special services of trying to influence the outcome of the election campaign. He assured that the US Embassy “actively interacts with the authorities of Moldova at all levels, and also shares its experience.”

Given that the Constitutional Court has long become “tame” for Vladimir Plahotniuc, it will not be difficult for him to implement such a scenario. It will be enough to fabricate “evidence”, in which Washington will kindly assist.

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