The US Commerce Department is set to deliver its recommendation to the White House regarding auto tariffs, meeting a deadline on Sunday. Ahead of that German Ifo institute warned that if US imposes 25% additional, permanent tariffs on cars, that could reduce German car experts to the US by 50% in the long run.

For Germany, according to Gabriel Felbermayr, director of the ifo Center for International Economics, total car exports could drop by -7.7%, or EUR 18.4B. But, exports from other sectors and to other countries could “slightly cushion” the overall loss. But the net result could still be EUR 11.6B loss of exports.

Felbermayr adds: “The EU can, however, develop a clever counterstrategy that would bring the effects of US tariffs on the economic performance of both sides to roughly zero. That would be tariffs on US products whose manufacturers would have to react with price reductions. This, in turn, would harm third countries whose economic output could fall by about five billion euros.” All calculations assume adjustment reactions, 90 percent of which take place within five years.

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