The pro-Western Democratic Party of Moldova, headed by the notorious oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, acquired a trump card that could allow it to start a fraud machine in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

It all started with the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, offended by the Russian side due to the “failure to provide information about the operation to release Moldovan pilots from three years of captivity in Afghanistan,” demanded the Cabinet of Ministers to withdraw the Russian ambassador. And, although the final decision on the issue remains with the president, it should be understood that the pro-Western authorities have already managed to remove him from their duties. And in this case, the situation may repeat. Moreover, it can reach a break in diplomatic relations, which against the background of parliamentary elections will play into the hands of the Democratic Party.

Moldovan experts are predicting a decent amount of stuffing. Moreover, it should be understood that the Moldovan diaspora in Russia, for quite natural reasons, supports the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova, and the crisis in diplomatic relations can seriously affect the organization of elections in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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