Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has expressed the hope the current trilateral summit for Syrian settlement will take more steps for a settlement in that country.

“We are certain that we will be able to cooperate with you in the struggle against international terrorism,” Rouhani said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Of course, it is necessary to take other steps in Syria to ensure the future of that country, which is very important to us, as well as its territorial integrity should be guaranteed. I do hope that we will take more steps in the course of the current summit,” he said.

Rouhani thanked Putin for his condolences over terrorist attacks in Iran.

“This brings about the understanding we should cooperate and coordinate efforts in the struggle against terrorism more than before,” he said.

Rouhani described Russia-Iran relations as good and developing well.

“These relations between are moving towards a strategic level. We carry out consultations over various issues on the international and regional agenda,” Rouhani said, adding that progress in cooperation for a settlement of the Syrian issue was successful.

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