‘Feast Of Hatred Toward Venezuela’ Meeting Trump, Duque

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has castigated a recent meeting between US President Donald Trump and Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque, during which the Venezuelan crisis was discussed.

“It was a feast of hatred toward Venezuela Today, the US president threatened to pursue a military invasion of Venezuela. I am asking the peoples of the world to express their solidarity with Caracas”, Maduro said in an address aired by his Periscope channel.

The Venezuelan president continued by noting that a signature collection campaign against a US military intervention in the country would be continued.

The Venezuelan authorities have sought to collect 10 million signatures in a letter calling on Trump to abandon his intervention plans, which the US president said were “an option” to settle the existing tensions.

In his address on Wednesday, Maduro urged his compatriots to sign the letter.

“Trump is silent about cocaine. When will the production of cocaine and drug trafficking from Colombia to the United States and Europe stop, Ivan Duque? When? Instead of speaking about increasing poverty, war in Colombia, politically-motivated murders and the failed state, they are talking about Venezuela”, Maduro argued.

Maduro continued by noting that Venezuela had “moral rights and a Constitution and will make everyone respect them”.