Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is trying to use all the resources for his election campaign, demonstrating that he is still the head of state, who is welcome everywhere. But it turned out that this is far from the case.

On this on Tuesday, February 12, reports the publication “”.

As it turned out, Poroshenko intends to come to Chisinau tomorrow to hold a series of demonstration meetings here. The Moldovan leader, Igor Dodon, kindly refused to talk with his Ukrainian counterpart, explaining his decision to the election campaign that began in the neighboring country.

According to him, such a step could be regarded as “interfering in the political struggle of the neighboring state, to which we are treated with great respect.”

“Speaking about the meeting, as I know, Petro Poroshenko is applying for the presidency of Ukraine. In my opinion, it would be wrong to hold negotiations with him or with any of a number of candidates, ”said Igor Dodon.

Recall that the official election race in Ukraine began on December 31 last year. The elections themselves are scheduled for March 31. It is worth noting that at the moment Ukraine is hitting its own record in the number of candidates for the presidency. Those are 44. The previous record was noted in 2005. Then the CEC approved 24 candidates.

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