The opposition in Venezuela does not try to come to power legally, because in this case it would have to respect the country’s constitution, and it’s absolutely impossible to allow the US to control the state and natural resources, said Dia Nader de El-Andari, Venezuelan ambassador to Serbia at a conference in Belgrade on the situation in Latin America.

According to her, the goal of the current tense situation is to provoke a civil war and an attempt on the natural resources of Venezuela.

“They want to do what they themselves call ‘controlled chaos,’ as they did in Iraq, Libya, and were defeated in Syria,” the diplomat said.

“They put their puppet Juan Guaido, we all saw what kind of man he is. But they did not succeed. It didn’t work to bring discord to the Bolivarian national army,” said de el-Andari and added that President Nicolas Maduro, probably could be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the leader who most often called for a peaceful solution and dialogue.

Serbian lawyer Goran Petroniyevic, spoke about the situation of international law on the example of Venezuela. According to him, now it is the same as talking about Roman law: it is a historical fact, but essentially dead.

“It was killed and replaced by force,” the lawyer explained.

“The United States began the third world conflict, and it continues in at least 30 spots of our planet. Now there is a threat that the territory of Venezuela will be a new spot – a sovereign, free and freedom-loving country. Namely such countries bother them the most,” said Petronievic.

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