Macedonia agreed to humiliation for the sake of joining NATO; not the entire population of course but a part of the political elite, which has stepped forward the name change,” says Serbian military-political analyst Miroslav Lazansky.

As the journalist writes in an article for the Belgrade newspaper Politika, NATO intends to use the territory of Macedonia to test radioactive ammunition.

“What does Macedonia get from joining NATO? First of all, the Kryvolak test site, the only test site in Europe that allows the use of real chemical weapons. Will American A-10s be able to bomb shells with depleted uranium at the test site? Of course, because in Skopje there is no one to enquire about it from the “big ally”. They will be happy if the “ally” promises them that the Albanians will not tear apart their state in one day. All that Macedonia receives from NATO is a promise. Oral, not on paper”, – writes Lazansky.

Also, NATO will receive the Petrovac airfield near Skopje for use, which is not news, because the Alliance has already used this facility. NATO will also work to strengthen the presence of troops on the line from the Albanian coast through Macedonia to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

“NATO is in a hurry to complete the Balkan expansion campaign. And from a geo-strategic point of view, the process of NATO expansion to the east greatly exceeds the inclusion of Montenegro and Macedonia, because planetary security is not dependent on these former Yugoslav republics,” the analyst notes.

“The political elite received security guarantees in Montenegro’s accession to NATO. But following the ecology, the question arises whether tourism can develop with the constant presence of warships in Montenegrin territorial waters. Can Montenegro recognize if there any nuclear weapons onboard of these vessels? With the current technical equipment this is impossible.”

“And all this is under the auspices of the fight against Russians, terrorism and in the name of democracy. But in fact, NATO is looking for testing grounds for poisonous and radioactive projectiles.”

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