Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov said that 2018 was really hard, but especially fruitful for Russian-Turkish relations

Russia and Turkey achieved a special level of trust-based dialogue in bilateral relations last year, Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov.

“2018 was really hard, but at the same time very interesting, busy and especially fruitful for Russian-Turkish relations. This was the year of unprecedented bilateral political dialogue. Over the past year, Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan held seven personal meetings and 18 phone conversations. I believe this was a record,” the ambassador said.

Speaking on what bilateral contacts are scheduled soon, Yerkhov stressed that Russia and Turkey “in their bilateral relations have reached such a level of trust-based friendly dialogue that sometimes there is no need in planning visits.” “Sometimes visits are arranged just in a couple of days, and sometimes within several hours and at a rather high level. Our embassy has got accustomed to this dynamics, it brings us joy and optimism about the quality of our contacts in the foreseeable future,” the diplomat said.

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