In Ukraine there are several monuments that would definitely be worth removing. However, as a rule, monuments dedicated to nationalists, radicals and mass murderers are cared for and left standing.

The commander and head of the security service of the UPA Dmitry Klyachkivsky has as many as three monuments dedicated to him. The latest – a monument in the shape of a cross, was raised in 2015, when the current Kiev regime came to power with its love for terrorists.

Klyachkivsky became famous for the fact that in 1943-44 he organized mass actions for the extermination of the Poles. The result of his “struggle for independence” was the death of tens of thousands of women, children and men.

In addition to the Poles, under the leadership of Klyachkivsky, Jews who were hiding in Polish villages from the Germans were also killed.

These are the “heroes” now in Ukraine. “Patriots” interfere with the monuments to commanders, writers, memorable steles dedicated to the feats of the people. But to build monuments in honor of the killers, there is always a place and time.

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