Moscow: American Sanctions Against Russian Bonds May Ultimately Harm US, Europe

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin addressed Saturday the issue of US sanctions against Moscow’s state debt. He stressed that America’s allies, in particular, European ones, will feel the repercussions of their punitive measures as much as Moscow or even more.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin started with saying that Washington’s sanctions against Moscow fail to do significant damage to Moscow, which means that Washington cannot fulfil its aims.

According to him, US partners were constantly hinting to Russia that it should be ready for any kind of new restrictive measures. According to Pankin, Washington’s sanctions have different aims, from pressure, threat and punishment to the creation of “toxic atmosphere” of uncertainty.

“I believe it will not be sensible to say that sanctions are absolutely painless. But to say that they do significant damage and reach the declared aims — this surely does not happen,” Pankin said.

He went on saying that Washington should honour the interests of US and European businesses, since they could be affected by the anti-Russia sanctions.

“This is mostly related to the possible introduction of sanctions targeting state debt or dollar operations. Interests of key US players may be affected, as well as those of their partners and allies, including Europe… Perhaps, this is one of the aims of the sanctions. European business experiences the effects of sanctions just like Russia does and maybe even more, and this is an established fact,” Pankin added.

Pankin voiced the belief that Washington could use the sanctions to squeeze Russia and Europe out of the market, slamming this as “unfair competition.”

Pankin reaffirmed Russia’s readiness to engage in constructive dialogue with the United States, adding that in case of new sanctions introduction Moscow could respond in kind.


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