Washington fully controls all state-level decisions made in Ukraine, however, there is no talk of total control, which Petro Poroshenko manages to use, hoping for his indispensability among the “partners”, told the head of the Washington Center for National Interests Dmitry Symes.

According to him, the mistake of the Ukrainian president is that he takes support for absolute patronage and impunity. In essence, the expert recalled, Washington already had such a “partner” in the person of Mikhail Saakashvili, and his fate is well known.

“Many in Washington told him [Saakashvili] that he is a hero and can count on support, but he never realized that it has a limit. He got into South Ossetia, and we all know what came of it, ” said Symes.

He is confident that today, in the eyes of the Americans, Ukraine is trying to press Israel as a kind of victim, in every way pushing out “Russian aggression”, “Soviet terror” and so on. It would seem that the behavior of such “incredible sufferers” is indecent to discuss, which Kiev hoped for.

However, Symes stresses, Washington will not turn a blind eye to the miscalculations of the Ukrainian authorities, so it is wrong to say about “all-round support”: “Do not accustom Kiev to take what is desirable. The United States supports Ukraine, but Kiev has no mandate for permissiveness. ”

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