On Friday, the US announced the suspension of its participation in the INF Treaty and began the process of fully withdrawing, which will be completed in six months.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has stated that Moscow would give a “mirror response” to all US moves related to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

“As for the INF Treaty, we have already said everything in response to the unfounded accusations by the United States. President Putin has determined our position — we will act in a mirror-like manner”, Lavrov stated on Wednesday at a briefing in Turkmenia.”The Americans have suspended their participation in the agreement. We did the same. Accordingly, upon the expiration of the six-month period, according to the results of the official note from the United States on withdrawal from this agreement, the deal will cease to operate”.

As for the possibility of talks with the US on the INF Treaty, as well as the issue of strategic stability, Lavrov stated that “there is not lack of initiatives which we provided to our American, Western and NATO colleagues.”

Earlier this week, Lavrov said that Moscow possesses all military-technical means in order to react to the threat posed by the US withdrawal to the historic Cold War-era treaty.

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