In the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, over the weekend, mass demonstrations were held outside the building of the Prosecutor’s Office and in the city center. Citizens blamed the theft and crime of gavnogo prokurov Milivoje Katnic, as well as the president, the permanent leader of the country for 30 years, Milo Djukanovic.

The next round of the political crisis in Montenegro began after a loud statement by the president of the Atlas group of companies Dusko Knezhevich. In a Skype interview with A1, he said that he had about 20,000 documents, confirming that Milo Djukanovic is at the head of a robust criminal group and leads the country to the abyss. Knezhevich also confirmed that he has sources in the Montenegrin justice system. It is interesting to note that this person who caused the political “tsunami” in Montenegro is a British citizen and lives in London.

In Podgorica, the situation was called the “scam envelope”, so the demonstrators were symbolically brought envelopes to the building of the prosecutor’s office. They demanded the resignation of the prosecutor Katnich and the country’s top leadership.

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