Western countries have long accused Russia of “non-compliance with their part” of the Minsk agreements, which, in fact, is completely untrue, which cannot be said about France and Germany, who ignore “Minsk” no less than Kiev says political analyst Alex Kamusov in the comments for the agency “Realist”.

According to him, one can only wonder at the patience of Moscow, which for several years has culturally explained to the West that it is not a party to the Minsk process, unlike Paris and Berlin, who have not bothered to fulfill their own obligations.

The expert drew attention to the fact that European countries once claimed responsibility for the implementation of the moment of crucial importance for the residents of the people’s republics of Donbass. This is paragraph 8, which implies the creation of a mechanism for managing the banking system.

The implementation of this moment would greatly facilitate the life of pensioners living in the Donbas, because now they have to travel to Ukraine for their legal pension, making their way through the obstacles artificially created by the Kiev regime. At the same time, many do not have such an opportunity. Here are just the accusations against Russia, France and Germany have forgotten about their own obligations, the expert stated.

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