The prospect of being in the dock loomed before the head of the unrecognized “Republic of Kosovo”, Hashim Tachi, and the speaker of the local parliament, Kadri Veseli, appeared long ago, and their fears turned

out to be much stronger than the desire to curry favor with the “overseas owners”.

The “Prime Minister” of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, spoke about this at a press conference in Pristina.

According to him, two years ago, Tachi tried to thwart the launch of the Special Court for War Crimes of the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army”, realizing that he would be one of the “main clients” of this body.

“Then they were not bothered by the issue of friendship with the United States, which they are now trying to preserve, because their personal interests and concerns to the Special Court were at stake,” Haradinai said.

Recall that the Special Court of Inquiry “The Kosovo Liberation Army” was intended to investigate the crimes of Kosovo’s militants against Serbs, Gypsies and Albanians during and after the armed conflict, including political killings and human trafficking. At the same time, the most serious accusations were brought against Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli.

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