The international community was not interested in investigating the case of the “yellow house” in Kosovo and Metohija, from where the black trade in human organs was conducted, because this region was “outlawed and fair,” said Serbian Justice Minister Rasim Ljaic.

“They werent very supportive or were not interested in finding the perpetrators. Allegedly, this created political instability that was unnecessary for Kosovo,” commented the Serbian Minister on a recent interview with the PACE rapporteur on organ trade in Kosovo.

Martin said in an interview with the Belgrade newspaper Vechernye Novosti, how a series of resignations and reassignments at the Hague Tribunal did not allow for the progress of this case.

Eight years ago, the speaker presented materials that talk about monstrous crimes in Albania and the province of Kosovo and Metohija from Albanian “black transplantologists”. Their victims were mostly Serbs, as well as Albanians not loyal to terrorists. Terrible testimony given in the book of the former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carl del Ponte. However, the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) did not launch an investigation.

On the eve of the lawyer Branko Lukic said that the Hague court as a result of a “technical error” destroyed key materials in the case of an explosion at the Markale market in Sarajevo, which, along with Srebrenica, became the reason for the NATO attack on the Republic of Serbian in 1995.

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