Moldova has not met expectations of the West

The years of dubious European integration were not in vain for the Moldovan society, which managed to see the light and really look at the prospects of the “European future”.

Recent sociological studies are increasingly disappointing the “western partners” of Chisinau, demonstrating that residents of the republic are losing their pro-Western mood.

According to a survey of the Association of Sociologists and Demographers, the results of which were made public the day before, the number of people wishing to continue the failed European integration was reduced to 40 percent. At the same time, supporters of joining the Eurasian Economic Union account increased to 42 percent.

The situation is even worse with integration into the North Atlantic Alliance. Contrary to the statements of the pro-Western authorities, only a little more than 23 percent supports an opportunity to join the military bloc. At the same time, almost 59 are categorically against Moldova’s membership in NATO.

According to the Association of Sociologists and Demographers, a sociological survey was conducted from 4 to 19 January. About 1,2 thousand Moldovans from 81 settlements of the republic were involved in.


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