– Recruitment companies in the US are trying to obtain employees to carry out unfriendly actions against Russia from Norwegian soil. So banal!

The powerful statement comes from Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Zakharova believes the United States is driving what she calls “anti-Russian operations” from Norway. The spokeswoman does not intervene when she describes Norway’s role.

– The official Norway has been given the role of an obedient walk-on, Zakharova believes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry refers to the US company Mission Essential . The Russians claim this company in a job advertisement is searching for a US citizen who speaks Russian.

The Mission Essential company performs intelligence activities for various clients. The picture is taken from the company’s website.
According to the Russians, it is required that the person must be willing to operate in different war zones.

In addition, he must carry out assignments in Norway.

“On the internet, an expert on translation who knows Russian and Norwegian language has been sought and who can support US military’s particularly secret operations in Norway,” says Zakharova.

The statement shows that the United States is openly trying to recruit intelligence personnel to hit Russia.

Russia has over time expressed strong dissatisfaction with the fact that the United States has established an increasingly clear military presence in Norway.

ABC News and Nettavisen have previously discussed the business of Mission Essential. The private company has attempted to recruit personnel for military-related assignments in Norway.

Mission Essential is headquartered in Ohio, USA. The ad is posted on the LinkedIn site.

The advertisement states that the US military forces in Norway need a language expert who is good in Norwegian and Russian.

The job is to support secret emergency response operations under the auspices of US military in Norway.

Those who are employed must be prepared to work under harsh conditions, including combat zones, according to ABC News.

Parliamentary representative Bjørnar Moxnes from Rødt raised the case in the Storting on 9 January. In a question to Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen, Moxnes wanted to know whether the Norwegian authorities have an overview of the US military and secret services in Norway.

He also wanted answers to whether the government knows what Americans are doing to Russia from Norwegian territory.

The Defense Minister replied that the Norwegian authorities do not have an overview of the dialogue between US forces in Norway and their suppliers.

– The Defense Minister does not respond at all to what these US agents should do in Norway, but the ad indicates that there will be activities right against Russia from Norwegian territory.

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