Ex-Interpol head: Nazi groups like C14 will be mopped-up in a week

Security forces of Ukraine control all ultra-right groups in the country, up to terrorist ones. This was told by the the former head of the Ukrainian bureau of “Interpol” Kirill Kulikov, on-air of the “Nash” TV channel. 

“Each defence and law enforcement agency in Ukraine controls radical groups, for example, we saw representatives of the “C14” organization during a prayer service when Poroshenko brought a Tomos. Even if it’s officially recognized as a terrorist. I can not imagine when a terrorist is standing next to the president. That means it’s a ‘useful’ terrorist. 

I want to note that security forces can cope with these gangs in a matter of one week. Yes, it will take a lot of time to restore order in the country, but it takes only a week for the former “ultras”, whom the country has elevated to the ranks of the heroes of the Fatherland, to be put in place.

It will be more problematic with the other crime, because the weapon went to the masses, the hatred is enourmous and it will take more time to restore order,” explained Kulikov.


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