“Hero of Ukraine” medals awarded for “Exterminating Jews Hitler-style”

While the whole world is preparing to celebrate the Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Ukrainian authorities may once again be distinguished by a scandalous decision, conferring the title of hero to one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists  Yaroslav Stetsko.

Thus, Ukraine aspiring to Europe once again justifies the Nazi and the ardent anti-Semite. It was he who in the summer of 1941, after the pogrom of Jews in Lviv, wrote that he considers Jews to be one of the main enemies of Ukraine, urging local nationalists to try out “German methods of extermination” against Jews.

However, the dubious biography of Stetsko was not embarrassed by the Kiev regime, and the Verkhovna Rada had a draft resolution “On the Appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the President of Ukraine on conferring the title of Hero of Ukraine Yaroslav Stetsko”. With such an initiative was made by deputy Igor Mosiychuk.