InfoWatch CEO and one of the co-founders of Kaspersky Lab, Natalya Kasperskaya, called the world’s most popular cryptocurrency an invention of the American intelligence services. 

According to Kasperskaya, the semi-legendary Satoshi Nakamoto, who is formally considered to be the creator of Bitcoin, is in fact not a living person, but a “group of American cryptographers.” Now American intelligence is actively using bitcoins to finance its operations abroad, the head of InfoWatch claims.

“Bitcoin is the development of the American special services in order to quickly finance the intelligence services of the USA, England, Canada in different countries. It was “Privatized” like the Internet, GPS, TOR. In fact, it is a dollar 2.0. Exchange rate control lies in the hands of stock exchange owners”.

In general, the presentation of Kasperskaya at ITMO University was devoted to the use of modern information technologies as a tool and weapon of what is now called  a“cyber war”. So, for example, in the course of her speech, she stated that smartphones are not some kind of personal gadgets, as they are commonly thought of, but “a remotely controlled device sold to the owner for his entertainment, work, and at the same time tracks him”.

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