London Destroying Evidence On Skripal Case

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service director Sergei Naryshkin has stated that London is destroying evidence related to the Skripal case.

“This is a dirty provocation by British authorities because it is clear that they constantly try to cover up traces of the crime that was committed and destroy evidence. They started doing so the moment the incident took place. Not to mention the fact that they are keeping mum on where our citizens Yulia Skripal and her father are now. Why are they hiding them?” Naryshkin said when asked to comment on sanctions against two Russian nationals over their alleged role in the Skripal case.

In early December, Naryshkin said that the truth in the Skripal case can be found only through a professional, joint investigation by both Russia and the UK, but that the British side has rejected all Russian offers to help with the probe.

According to him, the British investigation into the Skripal case currently looks like “a farce, a provocation.”


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