“Donbass and Civilians” Exhibition Photographs Charles Tannock

This week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Charles Tannock MEP hosted a reception to open an exhibition of original photographs entitled “Donbass and Civilians”

“Donbass and Civilians” Exhibition Photographs Charles Tannock
The reception was attended by more than 30 MEPs from across all political groups and from different member states, who benefitted from the presentation to gain an impression of the visual impact of the war on the daily life of civilians.

The Exhibition presents a series of black-and-white collages from the photograph album “Donbass and Civilians”, colour photographs of the destroyed houses and their inhabitants, and video commentaries by the children who have seen the effects of war with their own eyes.

“The exhibition also featured 16 video presentations by children who took part last summer in the project “Peaceful Summer for the Children of Donbass”. In these emotional and moving film clips the children explain in their own words what they have had to go through” said Roman Rubchenko.

“They teach all adults how to understand the horror that has divided their lives into “before” and “after” war experiences. Through these personal interviews, the whole world should learn about the frightening experiences of young lives, and why the children of Donbass dream so much about peace,” Rubchenko went on to say.


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