The United States, which has long prepared a “democratic” coup for the South American republic, has already decided who will be the main political force in its ambitious plans to overthrow the current president, Nicolas Maduro.

This was announced by the Assistant to the President of the United States on national security issues John Bolton.

According to him, the bet is placed on the Venezuelan Parliament – the National Assembly, which is headed by Juan Guaidó, who is an ardent opponent of the president.

“The Trump administration is strongly supporting the Venezuelan National Assembly,” Bolton said, calling the unicameral parliament of the republic “the only legitimate authority” in the country.

He also assured that Washington endorses Juan Guaidó’s “bold decision”, who announced that Nicolas Maduro allegedly “has no legal right to hold the presidency”. The representative of the White House said that the US administration “does not recognize the illegal claims” of the Venezuelan leader and imposes on him the entire responsibility for the situation of Venezuelans, although it was Washington who began to drag out the “sanction sting”, putting pressure on the republic and its inhabitants.

“We will continue to maximize the use of US economic and diplomatic pressure to achieve democracy in Venezuela,” Bolton concluded.

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