“The loudest failure of the Palace” “Chic, shine, shame” “Pianogate” “Sir flat” – British media compete in sarcasm. Her Majesty’s nationals blow social networks. And only Teresa May quietly rejoices. For the first time in a long time it’s not her with it’s Brexit is in the center of a scandal. It’s the one whom to she hasn’t forgotten anything. Not a refusal in the invitation to the wedding of Prince Harry. Neither of the throne speech in the parliament without a crown. Neither these eternal reproaches. She doesn’t like the Prime Minister’s manners, as you see. And she is good herself. Is it even possible – to wish unity for the nation, to call for respect and friendship, to sympathize with the poor – and all that’s on the background with a real golden piano.

It’s clear that in her Buckingham Chambers there is no interior suitable for “poverty”. But there are 775 rooms. They could for pick up some more modest for the Elizabeth’s Christmas speech. And she didn’t even touch the instrument. But she touched the strings of the soul, played on the people’s feelings. And, according to the opinion of many, she faked. And she didn’t even give a note. Like the most actually ask her. She is accused of hypocrisy. Some consider the homeless, which this piano could feed. Others consider the queen’s personal money. And there is under 400 million pounds.

But this is explanation is for the poor. But precisely because there are too many of them, the media is worried about the reputation of the monarch. Maybe because this is the last spiritual, and somewhere spiritually elevating, instance at that their oppressive time. They are afraid to even imagine what will happen if the British see their sight.

In another situation, this musical rarity would not have attracted attention. Acquired by Victoria in 1856, he was exhibited in the august quarters as a museum piece and was never hidden. Although Elizabeth, most likely, hooked to him without any back thought. An open lid indicates that the frame was lined up. Maybe that was her Christmas allegory. To show keys as a life stripes. There are both black and white.

But she was not understood. And it were only a fans who forgived her. They say she is entitled to luxury. She deserves it with her blood. Anyway, this is not a golden toilet. And it’s not even a golden parachute. And the piano – it sounds proudly, royalists say. Others have no indulgence either for age or greatness. Because everyone’s nerves are on the edge. Immediately it turns out that hell is promised to everyone because of Brexit. And someone has a piano in the bushes. Heavenly, of course. Although “Your chosen gifts favored pour on her,” – says the first line of the third verse. But before it here, apparently,  they did not finish singing for a long time “God Save the Queen.” So they forgot the words.

And the piano will be remembered. After all, it’s so similar to Britain itself. The thing with the story looks expensive, but it goes into the background and no one will be interested in how it sounds soon.

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