The anniversary of the adoption by the Ukrainian parliament of the so-called “law on the reintegration of Donbass” will come very soon, but the goals set by the Kiev regime are too contradictory and far from reality.

This was told by social scientist and journalist from Finland Johan Beckman in the interview to the News Front agency.

At the same time, he stressed that Western countries, which have a significant influence on the Kiev regime, do not always fully understand what is happening in Ukraine. Moreover, their foreign policy principles often simply make it difficult to articulate a constructive attitude, even when it comes to overt violation of human rights, constant shelling of Donbass residents and rampant nationalism.

“In fact, these goals and plans of the Ukrainian authorities are absurd and unrealistic. Neither normal people, nor even the leaders of Western countries understand why Kiev sets such political goals. Everyone knows that the United States and Britain have a great influence on the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, because their goals are not constructive, ” the expert said.

According to him, in the current realities, it is difficult to make any predictions about the future of Ukraine; however, the publicist considers that the most reasonable goal would be a tribunal for war criminals who settled in the Ukrainian government: “It would be fair to punish war criminals, first the turn is Poroshenko, and others <…>, but this must be done through the tribunal. ”

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