For the past five years, the great European dream of Ukraine has been fulfilled. Residents of the country had time to feel a lot of hardships, and the Kiev regime, while ranting about European integration, meanwhile, did everything to prevent Ukraine from entering the EU

In fact, Ukraine had a good chance of being in the European Union, although it is quite obvious that the Maidan authorities spoke about unrealistic deadlines for this process, and the goals were clearly pursued by others. Now we will focus on each of the factors that have turned the European path into an impassable obstacle course.

Unfortunately for the still frustrated Kiev regime, by the time the time came to administer the Maidan, not many people really dreamed of a European Ukraine. Therefore, the resource for a beautiful revolution had to be sought on the side and not among supporters of democratic values. Thus, the backbone of the whole Maidan movement were nationalists of varying degrees of radicalism.

Actually, the problem is that when Euromaidan came to an end, and it was time to deal with political aspects, all these formations, alas, did not disband, but quite the opposite – began to gain momentum, popularizing in fact Nazi ideology. On the thousands of history of the “Ukrainian nation” is now composed, though not legends, but anecdotes. Well, the situation itself is much more sad.

All of this would not have been without indulgence on the part of the authorities, but instead of keeping their promises, they chose a different path. It suffices to look at the “peremoga” of Petro Poroshenko to see that all this time he played along with the nationalists, expressing their desires, militancy and Russophobia for the all-Ukrainian idea, which is shared by every resident of the country.

What happened in the end? The Nazi madness has reached the point that in Ukraine, mourning the victims of the famine, they are elevated almost to the rank of holy murderers, on whose hands the blood of a huge number of people. In two weeks the world will honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Certainly Poroshenko reveals to join the general trend. But he is unlikely to be able to explain the heroization in the “European” country of Stepan Bandera, the laundering of the crimes of the organization OUN-UPA *, although, according to many sources, they are involved in the killings and repressions against the Jewish population, which contributed to Hitler’s Germany.

“I cannot understand how the glorification of those who directly participated in the terrible anti-Semitic crimes helps to combat anti-Semitism and xenophobia. Ukraine should not forget the crimes committed against Ukrainian Jews, and in no way celebrate them, honoring their perpetrators, ”wrote the Israeli ambassador, commenting on the situation in the country.

With such a “bouquet”, Ukraine declared itself on the threshold of Europe, but is it necessary for the EU? The answer is obvious. In the European Union, there are already enough nationalist trends that have arisen against the background of the migration crisis, and least of all he also needs Ukrainian radicals.

But the nationalist factor, unfortunately, is far from being the only one. In 2014, as everyone knows, the Kiev regime unleashed an armed conflict in the Donbas. This war still lasts, frankly interfering with the notorious European integration, after all, Poroshenko, inscribing his Western aspirations in the Constitution, is silent on the fact that Europe simply does not need a country on whose territory military operations are conducted. It is not difficult to understand the European Union, because radicals with weapons are added to the above-mentioned radicals, a huge amount of which is now “walking” on Ukrainian expanses.

There was little that could have prevented Kiev from stopping the war during these years if it were really ready to embark on the European path, but the authorities again and again came up with excuses, continuing shelling, murder and terror. Of course, it should be noted that Europe in every way indulged the Kiev regime here, turning a blind eye to obvious crimes, but there are reasons for that, which we will talk about a little later.

Along with the war, economic decay came to Ukraine. The hryvnia was crushed by merciless inflation, and the country was mired in debt to international creditors. It is curious that all these tranches were issued specifically for “European” reforms, but Kiev did not seek to carry them out, but what it did spend was far from the required results. We know the result: the country was deeply in debt, and all new loans are designed only to prolong the agony.

What can such a country and such authorities give to the European Union? Actually, here lies another stumbling block. The fact is that Europe can already take from Kiev everything that it needs. Brussels does not need Ukrainian products, but the Ukrainian market is great, but now the Ukrainian government is ready for anything for the sake of the next tranche. To some extent, it is beneficial for Europe to maintain this status quo. This, in part, explains the policy of acquiescence. There is, of course, the transatlantic factor, but this is another story. However, even with all this, nothing prevents Kiev from implementing reforms and showing its “partners” the result. Yes, it would not be easy, much would have to be changed, and it would take more than one year, but Ukraine’s “peremogy” of the Kiev regime irretrievably lost five, and the situation is not improving.

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