The guarantor of the Ukrainian nation, represented by Petro Poroshenko, specifically deprives the right to vote of millions of workers abroad, particularly in Russia. This is due to the fact that the current president plans to provoke a court decision to cancel the results of the upcoming elections in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian political scientist Ruslan Bortnik on the Ukrainian YouTube channel “”.

“In fact, the non-admission of millions of Ukrainian citizens who are working in Russia may be grounds for canceling the results of the upcoming presidential elections in March of this year. It is possible that this is done intentionally. A kind of plan “D”, the expert said.

According to the political analyst, the current regime will lose the presidential election, and depriving millions of citizens of the right to vote will allow “to run the elections in a new way.”

“It is expected that the court will support this, which, they say, is wrong, people have not voted, and after all they, the working people, are an essential part of the electorate, and we will see new presidential elections,” Bortnik explained.

According to the expert, Poroshenko’s plan is a mine of pledged actions, acting as a trap, which thoroughly undermines the legitimacy of the electoral process.

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