Serbian expert: ‘Greater Albania’ formation is inevitable

The implementation of the “great Albania” project – the idea of ​​the state uniting all the territories in a large percentage of the Albanian population – is an irreversible process that the West connives, told Milovan Dretsun, head of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo and Metohija, in an interview with Pink Belgrade television.

“This is a geopolitical calculation, and it is in the interests of Western countries. Obviously, they do not oppose it,” said the expert and politician.

In his opinion, “great Albania” is planned as a counterbalance to Serbia. It will be commensurate in territory, resources, potential.

“Great Albania” is a project that was repeatedly voiced in the public, as well as from the political top of Albania, the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”. It includes the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece.

One of the factors that brings Albanians closer to this goal is the opening of borders. The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, spoke about these plans in his New Year address. The idea was supported by the pro-Western prime minister of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev.


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