One of the dead, a 35-year-old Khava Akyadova, a Chechen woman, has five daughters aged from 1,5 to 12 years old.

A member of the Human Rights Council under the head of Chechnya, member of the working group on the return of Russian women and children from the zone of the Middle East conflict, Kheda Saratova, told about this.


As a result of a rocket hit in a house in the same area, four-year-old Khalid, the grandson of Rosa Yuzbekova from Dagestan, was killed. The mother of the child was seriously wounded in the pelvic region and could not move, the second son, Umar, survived and is with her. In fact, these women turned out to be hostages of terrorists, they did not release them, now they are surrounded, die under bombs and pray to relatives for help, we daily receive from them audio messages of relevant content.

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