USA: Avangard puts an end to the arms race

USA: Avangard puts an end to the arms race

The American mass media could not fail to pay attention to the successfully completed tests of the Avangard missile system, which Washington cannot oppose to today.

Thus, in the article of the famous The National Interest, they stated not the best prospects for the United States, which are defenseless against the new Russian weapons. The problem, according to the head of the US Strategic Command, John Heiten, is that the US anti-missile shield is not able to prevent an attack using this type of weapon.

In addition, CNBC told the Americans about one of the main advantages of Avangard – its maneuverability, which reduces to “no” any attempts to intercept the missile.

The Washington Examiner edition, describing the latest Russian weapons, writes that the Pentagon has nothing to oppose to Avangard, although it reports a more streamlined logistics system for the American defense industry complex.

At the same time, the US military experts are confident that, with the deployment of Avangard, Russia will be ahead of the United States and China in an arms race by many steps.


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