On the eve of the “Christmas truce”, the Ukrainian side once again arranged a provocation, which caused injuries and death of militants of the armed formations of Ukraine.

Today, the militants of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, on the orders of the war criminal Sobko, trying to confirm the statements of presidential adviser Poroshenko-Biryukov about taking up almost the entire “gray zone”, launched an attack with intentions to move forward in the Mariupol direction and capture our positions.

Two enemy groups, numbering 12-14 people each, tried to secretly approach our positions, but they entered their own minefield.

As a result of the explosions of anti-personnel mines, according to preliminary data, THREE militants were wounded and TWO died.

I draw the attention of the leadership of the OSCE Mission to the fact that this incident clearly confirms the whole emptiness of the statements and promises of the Ukrainian side.

Militants of the armed formations of Ukraine continue to commit crimes against civilians almost every day, frequent attacks by reconnaissance groups that are trying to move forward on certain sections of the line of contact.

At the same time, on international platforms, the UN and the OSCE stands, Poroshenko and his henchmen pretend to be victims of the mythical aggression from Russia and the People’s Republics.

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