The Ukrainian government decided to have their ratings at the expense from the exchange of prisoners of war.

Ombudsman Daria Morozova was singled out on her pronouncing that DPR ready to continue exchange captives according to the Minsk agreement in form “all for all”

But as she said that Kiev tries to politicize that process.

“Over the last year, the Ukrainian side has actually blocked the work of the humanitarian subgroup, they try to compose simulation of a vigorous activity before the New Year holidays, naming wanton “ formulas ”of the exchange, videoconferences and other work formats not provided for by the Minsk negotiating process, point only to upholding political interests in the run-up to the elections and eventually lead to a delay in the release of the persons held “- said Morozova

She noted that Donetsk does not accept attempts to reshape the negotiation process under the current ambitions of the individual politicians: “We insist on solving this issue exclusively in the format envisaged by the Minsk Agreements”.

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