A U.N.-led truce monitoring team including members of Yemen’s warring sides held its first meeting in the flashpoint city of Hodeida Wednesday, a pro-government official told AFP.

“We are expecting a good outcome,” said the official, who requested anonymity.

The cease-fire in the rebel-held city, whose Red Sea port is vital for millions at risk of starvation, is part of a peace push seen as the best chance yet of ending four years of devastating conflict.

Retired Dutch general Patrick Cammaert is heading the joint committee including Saudi-backed government officials and Iran-backed Houthi rebels to oversee the truce.

Loyalist members of the committee were transported to the meeting from east of the city in U.N. vehicles, a Yemeni government official told AFP on condition anonymity.

Sporadic clashes Wednesday morning underscored the fragility of the truce that began last week, as both sides accused each other of violating the cease-fire.

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