A United Nations team tasked with monitoring the ceasefire in Hodeidah, arrived in the city on Monday, led by retired Dutch Major General Patrick Cammaert.

Cammaert and his associates were taken to Hodeidah port, which was one of the main negotiating points in the Sweden peace talks, as a key entry point for humanitarian aid.

The UN monitor chief met with Houthi officials, during which he addressed them, saying, “the reasons why we scrambled in New York to come here on a very short notice before Christmas, is to assist you.”

“We cannot solve your problem, we cannot solve your problem. You have to do that yourselves. And that means that we will sit, we will discuss, we will take the obstacles, but we have to move forward,” he added.

According to reports, Cammaert has been entrusted with the assessment of ‘military and security situation on the ground’, as well as estimate the required number of monitors for the UN mission.

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