A suicide bomber in Mogadishu killed at least six people in a deadly blast near Somalia’s presidential palace on Saturday morning.

At least four more people were wounded in the attack, which was claimed by Al-Shabaab, an Islamist group which frequently targets the city.

A second explosion was heard shortly afterwards, as smoke rose over the Somali capital.

“The first suicide car bomb at the checkpoint killed five people mostly security soldiers.” said Major Mohamed Hussein.

“Four others were injured. Death toll may rise. It is too early to have details of second blast.”

Militant Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for both explosions, in comments broadcast on its Radio Andalus.

It said that the second explosion was targeting people who had responded to the aftermath of the first.

A witness said he saw at least two bodies at the site of the second blast.

Ahmed Abdi, another police officer, said the car bomb exploded at a checkpoint just 400 metres from the president’s residence.

Al-Shabaab aims to dislodge Somalia’s central government and impose rule based on a strict interpretation of sharia law.

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