Sabotage of ceasefire shows real intentions of Kiev – DPR’s representative in JCCC 

According to the DPR’s official representative in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination Ruslan Yakubov the Ukrainian delegation organized a real sabotage during the last in this year Contact’s group meeting in Minsk. The Ukrainian delegates have claimed that it is impossible to set a new ceasefire regime on the frontline because of the martial law imposition. This claim shows the world the real aggressive intentions of Kiev. 
Gunfights happen on the whole contact line. In general there are more than 20 ceasefire violations every day, including the usage of the weapon prohibited by the Minsk agreement. 

Massive accumulation of the heavy weaponry is also has been recorded by SMM OSCE . In the period from 13 December till 18 December the Mission recorded more than 160 pieces of military equipment out of the storages on the territory under the Ukrainian control. More than 130 pieces of military equipment have been found out on the railway stations in Konstantinovka and Rovnopol. 

All these facts prove that the Ukrainian government has the intention to initiate active military actions in Donbass by all means, including bloodcurdling provocations and ecological and humanitarian catastrophes. 

Yakubov mentioned that the global community and western tutors have to remember that the aggressive behavior of the Ukrainian side will lead to the escalation on the frontline and the DPR’s People’s Militia is going to act in accordance with the situation. 
However the DPR’s representatives will try to return Ukraine within the framework of peace negotiations and convince the Ukrainian delegates to confirm commitment to the absolute ceasefire regime. 

When the agreement is reached, the Republic’s command will deliver a necessary order and the units of the People’s Militia will keep strictly to it. 
The DPR’s representative in JCCC hopes that the common sense will win the political ambitions of Ukraine and the Contact group will state the Christmas ceasefire during the video conference on 27 December.


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